Support Programs

Offered directly at Sanctuary of Shelbyville or
through contract staff of our partners at referral
agencies include:

  • Weekly therapeutic support groups
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Educational assessment and academic plan
  • Job interest surveys, training and career
  • counseling
  • 24-Hour security
  • Credit counseling
  • Legal advocacy and legal council
  • Workshops on a variety of topics

Compassion - Safety - Comfort

SOS LogoSOS GirlThe vision for Sanctuary of Shelbyville is to be a faith based charitable organization offering assistance to victims of domestic violence and abuse. 
We are led by God to provide secure housing,   food, clothing, advocacy, and biblically based counseling for all those who suffer.     Read More...
Seek first his kingdom and all this will be given to you.
Matthew 6:33


Your financial support is greatly appreciated to continue this ministry.

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Sanctuary of Shelbyville Family Services!

The Armory, originally built in 1928 to house the
Indiana National Guard, has been renovated to
meet the stringent demands for a secure facility.
Frequently, victims leave their situation with
only the clothes they are wearing. Sanctuary of
Shelbyville is equipped to feed, clothe, and provide
secure housing, so victims and their children can
live without fear from assailants and start rebuilding
their lives.

A person in the Sanctuary of Shelbyville program
works with their case manager on an Achievement
Plan to help her reach her goals. A person’s
individual plan supports Sanctuary of Shelbyville’s
three goals for its clients to:
Increase their independent living skills
Achieve a greater level of economic independence
Obtain permanent safe housing

The Sanctuary of Shelbyville offers 10 furnished
studio apartments in the former National Guard
Armory/Civic Center. Furnished apartment are
provided with linens, dishes, household items, and
books and toys for the children.

Common areas include a full gymnasium recreation area,community lounge, counseling rooms and meeting rooms and a secure parking garage. Sanctuary of Shelbyville clients are not looking for a hand out; they are asking for a helping hand. Residents sign a lease and pay 30% of their income for rent and utilities. They commit to articipating in the program and to being good neighbors by helping with chores in the building. The clients must qualify for housing under the IRS’ Section42 guidelines. They also must be committed to job training and employment. Their efforts will help develop a better future for them and their children.